Our Story


The Smilist™ is the fruit of a dream shared by François, an expert in cosmetics, Christiane, a dental surgeon and François’ mother and Ivan, an artistic director specializing in the world of beauty and healthcare.


Their wish?

Make everyone aware of the power of a smile but also demonstrate that a beautiful smile is first and foremost the expression of a healthy body.
For The Smilist™, a smile is never a façade but a sign of overall, real and visible health!

For this, there is no other solution than to revolutionize the approach to oral care by offering treatments that act in depth.



By restoring the balance of the oral microbiota, the micro-organisms present in the mouth, which play an essential role in our health. And by developing healthy, 100% natural products that are suitable for everyone. As is often the case, effective treatment depends on regularity of use, and for this reason, The Smilist has devised care rituals as little moments of pleasure that we allow ourselves and that we will never tire of coming back to, over and again. Moments that inspire us and make us feel good in every way. We represent a new generation of oral care: using safe and healthy products, certified organic and made in France.

As often, the condition of an effective treatment is its regularity. For this reason, The Smilist™ has designed care rituals that are little moments of pleasure that we allow ourselves, and that we will never tire of doing and redoing. To motivate us and do us good in every way!

We are campaigning for a new generation of oral care: safe and healthy products, certified organic and made in France

  • François

    François grew up in an environment where oral hygiene was no laughing matter, with a mother and sister who were both dentists. Taking care of one’s smile is a family tradition! As a child, he spent his time at his mother’s practice, attentive to her techniques and advice and later, as a student, he became her assistant. He went on to develop his own understanding and expertise while working for large international groups on cosmetic treatments, developed as part of the clean beauty movement, and respectful of both the skin and the environment.

  • Ivan

    Ivan is an art director from the world of beauty. His aesthetic sensitivity, cultivated while working alongside major luxury brands, is at the heart of The Smilist. The beauty of Ivan’s creative work is revealed in its simplicity, a sobriety capable of inspiring, without unnecessary embellishment, devoid of the superfluous, expressing our heartfelt dream of genuine, honest and simply necessary oral care products.

    The beauty, in Ivan's creative work, is revealed in the purity, in a sobriety capable of inspiring without embellishment, devoid of superfluity, expressing this idea in which we believe of a true, sincere and simply necessary care.

  • Christiane

    Christiane takes pride in her 40 years of experience as a dental surgeon. Today she represents the expertise behind The Smilist’s two-step protocol. It’s based on an awareness of what people themselves can do, in terms of treatment for their teeth, and the regularity which conditions its effectiveness. Inventing a product is just the first step. Making sure that you can easily adopt these new care rituals in your everyday life: that’s what really counts!

    This is based on the awareness of what people can do, with regularity, in terms of treatment for their teeth, and which determines its effectiveness.

    Inventing yes, but also ensuring that you can easily adopt these new skincare gestures on a daily basis is essential.

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