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Our Values / Mission

Sincerity | Optimism | Sustainability | Health

For us, smiling means radiating and believing in life.

This is our philosophy.
The Smilist™ wants you discover the power of a smile, the driving force and the support it arouses, the obstacles it removes, the doors it opens.

The Smilist™ wants to give you the means for a healthy body, carried by a smile that shines.
Open your mouth wide to say "Yes" to the life.


The Smilist™ meets the demands of his generation : commitment, truth, in short, acting with sincerity. If we want to give you the taste of smiling at life, we are neither candid nor the type to hide things from you.

We never cheat with the truth, like our formulas, which are completely transparent. And if in some places we are not yet exemplary but on the way to improving, you will always be the first to know.


Young start-up, we have the energy of our ambition and the fervor of our age.

We believe that we can contribute, on our scale, to improve everyone’s health on a daily basis. Bringing a smile to people, a smile that exudes health, is our mission and what drives us. Like this unfailing optimism that we really want to share.


Today, contributing to the well-being of individuals can no longer be done to the detriment of the health of our earth. Our natural resources, like everyone's health, are rare and precious assets.

We have designed all of The Smilist™ packaging to limit its impact on our environment.

And we contribute with you, within our means, to reforestation actions alongside an association:



To be able to smile with all your teeth, you must feel sufficiently confident about your oral hygiene.

Health is at the heart of our concerns and we first designed The Smilist™ as a skincare brand in the noble sense of the term. Because the beauty of a smile is first and foremost a sign of good dental and oral care.