Our Values / Mission


Sincerity | Optimism | Sustainability | Health


For us, to smile is to radiate health and belief in the joys of life.

This is our philosophy. The Smilist is committed to helping you discover the power of your smile, the driving strength and engagement it generates, the obstacles it removes and the doors it opens. The Smilist’s aim is to give you the means to a healthy body, incarnated by a radiant smile. Give yourself the confidence to say “yes” to life!



The Smilist shares the expectations of its generation: of commitment and truthfulness, in short, the necessity to act with sincerity. Our aim is to put a smile into your life, but we are neither naive nor the kind of people to hide things from you. We never cheat with the truth, in the same way as with our formulas, which are completely transparent. We may not be perfect, but are always striving to improve. And one thing is certain, you’ll always be the first to know!



As a young start-up, we have the energy of our ambition and the fervour of our age. We believe we can contribute, on our own level, to improving everyone’s health on a daily basis. Putting a smile on people’s faces, one that radiates good health, this is our mission, this is what drives us. An optimistic outlook on life, we are eager to share.



n today’s world, contributing to the well-being of each individual can no longer be done at the expense of the planet. Both our natural resources and heath are rare and precious assets. All of The Smilist’s packaging has been designed to limit its impact on the environment. And with your help, we contribute as much as we are able, in partnership with the association Trees for the Future, to various reforestation activities.



To smile the broadest of smiles, you need the utmost confidence in your oral hygiene. Health is at the heart of our concerns and The Smilist was created as a healthcare brand in the noblest sense of the term. Because a beautiful smile is first and foremost a sign of good dental and oral care.