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Purifying mouthwash
Noemie Walch

Excellent product, I highly recommend for impeccable oral hygiene

Holistic Oral Care Kit
Brands Freis Steven
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To try it is to adopt it. I was skeptical at first but honestly it's the best toothpaste on the market, it's gentle and perfect for daily care. I recommend it to you with your eyes closed.
As for the serum, I'm not sure that my teeth have become whiter but in any case it's a dental care routine that I recommend because it's really pleasant and it sure brings a plus to your dental routine.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer
Florence PIGNOT
Very practical and aesthetic

I would never have thought of buying a tube squeezer if it hadn't been offered in the Hydra + Gum Care kit. This one is as pretty as it is effective, it allows you to use all the product in the tube, which fills me with satisfaction.




The toothpaste gives a feeling of well-being and the taste is very good.
The serum is very gentle, it does not attack the tooth enamel regarding the whiteness I cannot comment for the moment, I will have perspective in a few weeks, I use it every evening.
The toothbrush is great, the bristles are very soft.
I was delivered in 24 hours. The products are of excellent quality.

Great whitening product

After several weeks of use, the result is there.

Miracle serum

This serum is absolutely miraculous!
The effects are already visible after 15 days of use.
The taste is very pleasant and the action to be carried out every evening is very simple.

Whitening treatment

I'm testing my white teeth routine
For the moment no changes yet. It's been 2 weeks.

Purifying boost mouth spray

absolutely love this spray! I always have it in my bag when I eat out for a fresh spray after a lunch/snack. Feels really good and refreshing, and also clean!

Gum regenerating toothpaste

Amazing from the first use! Mouth comfort, perfect cleaning. No opinion yet on the whiteness after use (too early perhaps?)

Professional tongue scraper
Berengere Francois Giudicelli
Easy to use

The steel helps keep it clean.
The silicone tip is soft, I would have liked a spare part with it and/or the possibility of adding one to my order. It was not proposed.
Allows good cleaning of the tongue

Great toothpaste

Very gentle toothpaste, very pleasant mint freshness. After a week of use, improvement in the stains on sensitive teeth and gums. Satisfied with this product 🙂

Night whitening kit
Jean-Daniel Cohen
Too early to see a change

I am 2 weeks into use and I have not yet seen any change in color but a pleasant and effective product on the freshness of the mouth.
Next update in a few days.

In testing phase

One week of application and already whiter teeth, the taste is great and the app is super pleasant, looking forward to seeing the result in a month!

my essential

I won't do without this toothpaste, neither my children nor my grandchildren, we are all addicted to this product, all unanimous about the benefits it brings - it's a dentimagic!!!! - a thousand thanks to you!


It's only been a few days and the appearance of my teeth has changed! A pleasant product, easy to use and effective! As soon as possible I will order toothpaste.

Night whitening kit

I received my night kit order as well as the regenerating toothpaste.
Been using it for 3 weeks, the results are already there.
My teeth have regained shine and are less yellow.
My gums are less sensitive.
The products are very nice.
I would not hesitate to recommend.

Freshness guaranteed

I love the freshness of this spray. It's in my bag, always ready to use


I really like the brush, it's very soft and doesn't irritate the gums at all.

The pleasure of freshness and more!

After a week of use, I already notice that my teeth are a little whiter and that the tea or coffee stains are starting to fade. This serum keeps its promises and also has a very fresh taste which makes the operation really pleasant!

satisfied !

The toothpaste and toothbrush are great! The brush is very flexible and does not hurt the gums. The serum is great too, I've been applying it every night for 2 weeks and I'm starting to see a slight difference.

My essential now

I had health problems and my gums had receded, I tried different products including conventional and natural, there was only this toothpaste/treatment which made an almost instant difference and above all a difference visible. I feel more comfortable today with my smile and when interacting with people. Really thank you for going through the process of selling this treatment. It changes my life.

Gum regenerating toothpaste
Françoise Heyraud
Four stars

Satisfactory products. It may be a little early to judge the effectiveness of the toothpaste but the whitening product is immediately effective. After two weeks the teeth are whiter

Night whitening kit
Miriam Siekappen
The product is good, has no neutral smell and I like the texture. I don't see any difference yet

Hello, I don't know what to say. I think it should work. But I feel good. That's the most important thing😀But for the moment I don't really see the difference. I'll continue and get back to you

Holistic Oral Care Kit
Isabel Pereira
Very satisfied with the result

The toothpaste is really pleasant with a feeling of freshness and well-being. Having problems with fragile gums, I am very satisfied with The Smilist products, both the toothpaste and the night whitening gel.
thank you to exist