Tongue scraper

Why and when to scratch your tongue?

Oral hygiene goes beyond just brushing your teeth. Today we explore an essential but often overlooked tool: the tongue scraper. At the house of The Smilist, we understand the importance of this little instrument in your oral care routine.

Why use a tongue scraper?

The tongue scraper, although simple in appearance, plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mouth. It removes bacteria, food residue and dead cells from the surface of the tongue, thereby significantly reducing the risk of bad breath (halitosis) and improving general oral hygiene.

The 3 Benefits of the Tongue Scraper:

  1. Reduction of Bad Breath: The tongue scraper is incredibly effective at removing volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
  2. Improved Taste: By cleaning your tongue regularly, you remove the residue that blocks your taste buds, thereby improving your sense of taste.
  3. Prevention of Oral Problems: Using a tongue scraper helps reduce the risk of cavities and gum infections.

When to use a tongue scraper? 

The question of when to use a tongue scraper is essential to maximizing its effectiveness. At the house of The Smilist, we recommend its use in the morning on an empty stomach. For what ? Because during the night, while salivary flow decreases, bacteria and deposits accumulate on the tongue. By using the tongue scraper in the morning, before eating or drinking, you remove these build-ups and start your day with a truly clean and fresh mouth.

Which tongue cleaner to choose?

There are different types of tongue cleaners available, including plastic, stainless steel, and even copper. At The Smilist, we innovated with a tongue scraper unique in its kind, equipped with a double tip for maximum efficiency. On one side, a tip specially designed to gently remove bacteria, to be used in combination with our regenerating toothpaste. On the other side, a scraping tip to effectively remove bacteria and deposits from the surface of the tongue. This easy-to-use and durable ergonomic design is suitable for all mouth types and provides a superior and comprehensive tongue cleaning experience.

How to use The Smilist tongue scraper ?

To do in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening after brushing. Place a dab of toothpaste on the silicone tip and clean your tongue using circular movements. Scrape gently with the steel tip forward. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

To summarize :

Integration of professional tongue scraper The Smilist in your daily routine is a small change that can have a huge impact on your oral health. At the house of The Smilist, we are dedicated to providing complete solutions for optimal oral hygiene, and the tongue scraper is a key element of this approach. Visit our site to find out our product range for oral hygiene and start your journey to a healthier, fresher smile today. 

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