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5 tips for white teeth

Your teeth are yellow and stained and you want beautiful white teeth, a dazzling smile? We understand you: having white teeth is for many a sign of good oral hygiene, good health and a criterion of beauty that many people dream of having!

 Unfortunately, several factors such as bad habits, illnesses, a lack of regularity in the oral routine or even genetics, can cause yellowish spots to appear.

Know that yellow teeth are not irreversible and that your teeth can regain their former whiteness: do not imagine expensive chemical solutions. Having natural white teeth is possible and it works!

For that, here are 5 tips to have white teeth naturally, without spending a fortune!

          1. Avoid chemical tooth whitening

It can be tempting to have a satisfactory result more quickly by buying whitening toothpastes or by carrying out a dental whitening kit at home, in an institute or at a dental surgeon's office.

Unfortunately, the main active ingredient used as a lightener and bleach is hydrogen peroxide: this form of bleaching, although effective immediately, is traumatic, stressful and abrasive for the tooth: the peroxide risks sensitizing it, demineralizing it , traumatize and weaken the enamel then, in the long term, cause the stains to reappear!

Avoid these risky treatments, especially in case of caries, pregnancy or for a child for example, and even less without the advice or supervision of a dental surgeon. Instead, prefer long-term treatment.

          2. Use natural whitening products

To whiten your teeth, use natural ingredients that are gentle on your teeth, natural but effective: for example, you can incorporate into your oral routine a product containing hydroxyapatite: this natural mineral gently makes teeth whiter naturally, while by strengthening the enamel!

 You can also use activated charcoal, coconut oil, salt or coconut oil, in small quantities, to complete your care and have whiter teeth faster!

         3. Avoid yellowing foods

 Most of the foods and drinks we consume can in return stain the teeth in the long term because of their coloring action: it is therefore necessary to be careful and limit them!

 Among them, we can cite coffee, tea, red fruits, red wine, sweets, sodas or even acidic foods: these foods must be consumed with precaution and moderation in order to prevent yellowing and have White teeth. In the same idea, also think about trying to limit or even stop smoking, it too can stain your white teeth.

        4. Good oral hygiene

The basis of all good teeth is impeccable hygiene, and that also applies to white teeth!

 You can help your teeth regain their whiteness by having a healthy routine: brush your teeth regularly, watch the composition of your products, make regular appointments with a dentist and have a complete oral routine, with a gentle cleanser as well as a treatment that will strengthen and whiten your teeth over time.

        5. Have smooth enamel

In addition to paying attention to your tasks, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of your tooth to improve your white teeth: indeed, a smooth tooth will be able to reflect the light much better, which will accentuate its luminosity.

 For this, take a toothbrush with tight, soft bristles, to facilitate the polishing of the tooth: this polishing can also be improved by regular descaling every 6 months and regular cleaning of the dental plaque deposit.

White teeth no longer hold any secrets for you! To accompany you in your routine, our products are always available on our site!

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