3 steps to release your breath when you get up

3 steps to release your breath when you get up

Improving your morning breath requires an approach that goes beyond simple brushing routines. Here are tips based on scientific principles and advanced oral hygiene practices to rebalance the oral eco-system and freshen breath as soon as you get up.

1. Scratch your tongue as soon as you get up

The tongue scraper is an essential tool to combat morning breath. Here's why and how to effectively integrate it into your routine:

Elimination of Bacteria and Debris: The surface of the tongue can harbor bacteria and food debris, contributing to bad breath. A tongue scraper is designed to remove this layer, thereby reducing the production of volatile sulfur compounds.

Scraper selection: Choose a professional double-ended tongue scraper, like this one from The Smilist, for maximum efficiency. The design of this tool is designed to adapt to the shape of the tongue and gently remove as much residue as possible.

Scraping Technique: Use the tongue scraper in the morning, after drinking water but before brushing your teeth. Start at the back of the tongue and gently pull forward. Repeat this action several times, rinsing the tongue scraper between each pass.

2. Gargle with mouth oil to complete the cleansing

Select a mouthwash enriched with natural oils and without alcohol. As The Smilist two-phase mouthwash, using this mouthwash before brushing can help reduce bacterial concentration. Oils attract bacteria like a magnet to cleanse the oral eco-system.

3. Use a mouth spray throughout the day

After brushing and scraping your tongue, an oral spray can provide instant, long-lasting freshness. Look for a spray enriched with natural extracts to maintain the balance and health of your mouth. The Smilist mouth spray is enriched with mineral zinc to combat bad odors.

By adopting these practices, you will not only improve your morning breath but also your general oral health. Tongue scraping, in particular, is an often underestimated but crucial step for long-lasting fresh breath.

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